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Stephen Brinks

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Nov 25, 2019
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Is a civil Space agency a good idea or not? Its like a kickstarter everyone puts their money in to build up a large sum of money to do what the group wants.

What could potentially go wrong?
what are some pros vs cons?

Why would you join?
Why wouldn't you join?

Check it out here
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Based on their website, it looks like:

1. They want to send stuff to space
2. They don't have enough money to send stuff to space
3. They are looking towards crowdfunding to solve #2.
4. Decisions on what stuff goes to space (and how) is based on voting on a user forum. Access to this forum is based on #3.
5. They don't seem to have any working prototypes and/or aerospace engineers on staff?

FYI- Stephen Brinks appears to be the founder of citizenspace....