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Apr 25, 2004
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I'm looking for a good short & fat rocket, preferably with 38mm mount, but I can reduce the 54 to 38.

I've been looking at:

1. LOC Minie-magg 5.5" x37"

2. LOC Warlock 7.6" x 53"

3. LOC I-ROC 5.5" x 55"

4. Polecat Thumper 7.5" x 57"

Is there any other choices?
Originally posted by rocketkid88
you can alwayz put a 38mm MMT in a Fat Boy...... ;) :D :kill:

Actually..... Andy Woerner at Polecat Aerospace has a new upscale Fat Boy (4" if I recall) that has been flying off the shelves so fast he hasn't been able to update his webpage yet! You can e-mail him from his website, and he'll give you the details. And tell 'em Warren Wattles sent ya!;)

Here's the list so far:

Estes Fat Boy 2.6" x 13" 18mm $17 (don't think so)

Loc Minie-Magg 5.5 x 37 38mm $98
BSD Diablo 5.5 x 45 54mm $170
Loc I-Roc 5.5 x 55 38mm $133

Loc Warlock 7.5 x 53 38mm $171
Polecat Thumper 7.5 x 57 54mm $200
S.R. Chubsy 7.5 x ? 54mm $200

USR Stub 12 12 x 84 98mm $550

I'm liking the Warlock and Thumper. Same rocket, but the more expensive one is fiberglass. I can get a Warlock online for $147. Is the fiberglass worth the extra $50? I'd hate to see it in a tree.
warlock is sweet...too much $ for me to throw out for my lvl 1, but its a future purchase...its so HUGE.
The Polecat Aerospace "Fat Man"

5.5" by about 26"

Comes with a 54mm mount but it is easily reduced. Flies great on anything from a G79 up to little L's !
Thankfully Politically Correctness doesn't apply to rocketry..

Big Bertha = Weight Challenged Bertha
Fat Boy = Globally Challenged Child