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Dec 5, 2003
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As one of my threads was closed after a, in a mods own words rather harsh, answer and out allowing me to reply and with questions unanswered I feel that my presence is no longer required here.

If this site is so insecure that members are denied the right to answer then I no longer wish to belong to it.

Therefore this is my final post and if anyone wishes to contact me please do so by Email.

My regards to you all.

I'm sorry you feel that way, as you've been a great contributor to the forums. I personally would like to see you stay and I really think most if not all of the others would agree, mods and members alike.

That being said, the other thread was political, and inflammatory at that. I agree that the post you're referring to was overly harsh and I personally would have asked prowlerguy to soften his post. However, I didn't really see anything in the content of his post to respond to.

If you have a response that is pertinent and not inflammatory, please feel free to PM or email it to me in the exact form in which you want it posted. If we can agree on content and wording that will not escalate the tension in that thread, I will be happy to unlock it just long enough to allow you to post that one reply before locking it down again.