gods call the Midnight Express

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Jan 13, 2004
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Beautiful day here!
I got a lot of primer on the winter projects, mixed up a batch of Magnelite for igniters. I didn't want to miss flying something so I grabbed a StarDart and my Midnight express.

I flew the ME on two A8 flights and they were perfect! I then flew another perfect flight on a B6. By this time I had the neighbors attention. He and his son came over and I showed him the ME and told him where I got it. He was pretty impressed. I told him he came at a good time cause I was flying it on a C6 now.

WHAT A FLIGHT! I could see the whole flight. I never lost site of the tiny dot. I couldnt believe it. I was going to get it back!

My neighbor was floored, he lost sight but said "wow" several times. :D

Man that thing fell forever!!!
I pointed to where it was so he could get sight again...and then it started drifting... yep...right over the tree line. Can't be upset though with such a cool flight, and blowing your neighbor away, oh... and it was free!!

What an incredible flying rocket! Hats off to ya Jim! I will be doing that one again, and with C6's as well!!
thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! :)

I wish you knew just how happy i get every time I hear that one of my rockets made someone smile, 'specially a kid :) :) :)

Since my Mississippi Launch kids did not get to launch the Deuces because of the whole week of unfortunate weather, I told them the other day about the Midnight Express and other designs of the paper rockets. They were excited and asked if they could build one like the "Deuces". Luckily I said yes I believe there is one like that. So we will download some designs when they get their computers on line in their classrooms, they just moved into a new building. Thank you Jim, this is just what we need. The local Chamber program today began airing today featuring the Deuces and I will make a copy and send one shortly. It is raining again!
Originally posted by nomopbo
What an incredible flying rocket! Hats off to ya Jim! I will be doing that one again, and with C6's as well!!

Sounds like you had a good time with those Midnight Express kits! You should also check out the <a href="https://fliskits.com/products/rocketkits/kit_detail/caution_rocket.htm">"Caution - Rocket Launch In Progress"</a> paper model also found on the FlisKits site. A lot of effort went into this fine *free* kit. Heck, even the <a href="https://www.sears572.com">SEARS 572</a> club in Alabama is getting into the act with a <a href"https://www.rocketryforum.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=6665">MASSIVE</a> multiple "Caution RLIP" launch.

Bill, not sure if you've seen the commemorative "Tour de Deuce" version, but it can also be found on the FlisKits.com site. Here's the link to the PDFs - <a href="https://www.fliskits.com/products/rocketkits/free_dl/fps_fretdd.pdf">TdD "Midnight Express"</a>

Great story.
I too am a big fan of the Midnight Express and other paper rockets. I've built about 10 ME's and a couple Caution RLIP.
I built a scaled down version of the Estes Commanche from card stock that was 2 stage. Now I'm working on a 13mm design of mine from card stock.

Be sure to get the Tour De Deuce version of the ME too. I've also got some blue and yellow patterned ME's that I need to send to Jim, so he can post them if he wants.

Here's a pic of a few of mine.


Oh yeah, there's also a nice paper model of the Mercury Redstone here: www.delta7studios.com/dl.htm
It's meant to be a display model, but it just so happens to be the right size to hold an 18mm motor. I'm not sure how much clay to add or where to get the Cg, so make sure you get that adjusted before you fly it. ;)
oh, i *love* the TdD color ME's I will *certainly* put those up to go with the other TdD ME.

very nice!
Hey...Jim, Eugene?

When did we start abbreviating Tour de Deuce as TdD?

I thought it was TDD!

:confused: :confused:

Originally posted by jetra2
Hey...Jim, Eugene?

When did we start abbreviating Tour de Deuce as TdD?

I thought it was TDD!

:confused: :confused:


"Lord of the Rings" is to "LotR" as "Tour de Deuce" is to "TdD"

I picked up on this a while back. Jim started using TdD and it puzzled me for a split second. It's just a matter of written formalities is all. No worries.
yea, i did that (frankly, as a typo) one day and thought it looked cool and really was a proper way to represent it
WOW .. I just checked out that Fliskits site .. how cool that you can download them!

Thanks for the info!