Go Fast Rocket Kits now available!

Buddy Michaelson

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Nov 7, 2018
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8337 Penn Ave So
We are excited to announce the release of our CSXT Space Shot 2004 Rocket Kits now for purchase on our website! These unique kits are 88.5” tall, 3.00” Diameter with a 54mm MMT and have an Aluminum Billet Thrust Plate. Our kits are an exact 1/3rd Scale version of the Civilian Space eXploration Team rocket that was the first rocket to ever reach space built by an all civilian team proving anyone can accomplish their dreams if you never give up. The rocket had reached 72 miles up and 3,420 mph on a S-50,150 solid fuel motor! Each kit is signed by Ky Michaelson, Bruce Lee and Jerry Larson on a Certificate of Authenticity and is limited to 100 kits only that will ever be made. There is also a recovery package available for these kits that include everything you’d need to safely recover the rocket as well as a 3D Printed Altimeter Bay Package for electronics. On our website we have detailed instructions on how to build this kit along with a downloadable Open Rocket Sim file. This rocket will be perfect for a level 1 / 2 project, high performance rocket, or kept as a collector’s item for years to come.

The rocket kits can be found here: https://the-rocketman.com/csxt-space-shot-2004-rocket-kit/