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Dec 25, 2004
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is this a beginners rocket
the Gnome and what is the maxmun speed
has there mabey more out lay over this rocket
yes it's a beginners rocket ,pre colored tube , fins, and cone
it's fast as most small rockets are , reaches about 700-800 altitude
good for smaller fields.
Welcome to the forum. You will like it here lots of good information and great people. Yes its a beginers rocket but dont let it fool you they are a blast you will enjoy it.

One tip for this (and many other small diameter rockets)-
Don't try to stuff entire sheets of the Estes wadding into
the tube. Tear the sheat into quarters or smaller. Anything
bigger will jam and prevent the recovery streamer from ejecting.

can I with this rocket through the sound wall or is that which many of the good
this rocket would not be a good choice to break the sound barrier
you would need (at the least) a larger motor mount
Originally posted by kamiel
can I with this rocket through the sound wall or is that which many of the good

The sound wall this rocket one won't through go but good it still has many fun
Let's see - the smallest thing I've seen the sound barrier broken with is a Star Dart on an AT D21. Howeer, that isn't as fun as some of the rockets that don't even approach the sound barrier. Sometimes, speed isn't everything. That Star Dart was not as incredible as some others because it left so quickly you couldn't see it (74 G's). Something like a Mean Machine or a Comanche-3 is much more impressive (or even a Gnome) because you can actually see the flight.
Welcome to the forum Kamiel:
I have quite a few Micro models that are in the 3 gram or less weight class that fly very well, and Quick on a Micro-Maxx II motor:) These model are minimum diameter .281 (7.1mm) tubes or Tracing velium body models. Very very light and very quick off the pad:D