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Jul 10, 2004
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Can anyone give me suggestions on laying fiberglass or carbon fiber on a 6" nose cone? Is it possible to vacuum bag? I'm just not sure which is the best way to do it while trying to avoid those nasty overlaps everywhere. has a 6" diameter fiberglass nosecone for a little cheaper. That's what I would use. What I wanted to do was have a nice carbon laydown with clearcoat on the front of the cone so you can see the carbon. The hard part is getting the tip to look good.
you should make a mold if you want to do that. I have never done it though, there is lots of information out there.

PML cones are super high quality, I have heard, to be nice, they are better than the performance cones.

if you want a nice carbon finish, get a PML Carbon cone, they are already finished and just happen to come in 6" diameter.
Wow. I never knew they had a whole line of carbon! I have already contacted them and I plan on the whole sustainer end of my project being carbon fiber.

I'm actually thinking of making the upper part of the sustainer a minimun diameter 75mm, as I could acheive amazing altitudes. Just to be on the safe side, I would say final motor ignition would occur at 70,000 feet or more. Think of what a 75mm minimum diameter long burn could do being lit up in the thin air of 70,000 feet! I don't know if I'll do it though as I don't know if I could find a dv cam that was small enough to fit in there, and the way this project is going I already need to sell my twin turbo 300zx to finish it (hehe kidding).