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Mar 12, 2009
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My daughter is currently a Brownie in Girl Scouts (3rd grade) and has been interested in space and rockets for a long time. Lets just say at age 4 she could name all the planets in order and their major moons. I've been building Estes kits with her for a few years now and I've been thinking about doing something with her Girl Scout group. Maybe just a basic lesson on thrust, gravity, and such and then each of them building an Estes kit and launching it.

So, my question is this... Have any of you worked with Girl Scouts before and, if so, what badge would they be able to earn from it? I've noticed that the Girl Scouts are much different than the Boy Scouts... so I am not sure if they even have a badge for rocketry. But maybe I could work it in for a craft badge or something along those lines. Any ideas?

Also, is there a retail outlet that would give a discount on a large order of kits and motors for a Girl Scout organization?
In fact, my wife and I just did a build-and-fly with a Junior Girl Scout troop back on March 13th. They built FlisKits Whatchamacallits, and flew them on ½A3-4T motors. While the glue was drying, they also got to make and fly "straw rockets" with our Pitsco straw-rocket launcher. We did a similar thing with another Junior troop back in Florida a few years ago; they build FlisKits Thing-a-ma-jigs.

I'm at work at the moment, so I can't ask the wife which badge it was, but the girls the other week were indeed working on a specific badge or patch. Later tonight or tomorrow morning, after I get a chance to ask her, I'll post here which one it was.


A number of vendors have education packs at a reduced per-kit price; FlisKits is one of them. For bulk packs of motors, check Tower Hobbies, that's where we got the 24-pack of ½A's we used. Includes plugs, igniters, and recovery wadding as well as the motors.
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i've done work with the Girl Scouts, but am not familiar with their badge requirements.

For kits I encourage you to look at the




Both are availalbe in bulk (as is any kit on our site) and are incredibly simple to build.

BRB helped some girl scouts at some "build and blasts". I do not know what the requirements are. I do not know if there is a badge but there is a PATCH. Attached is a photo of one that a GS leader gave to us for helping.

Below are links to photos of three sessions we did. In the last one, Miss Alabama happened to be there and flew a rocket.

- George Gassaway


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