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Jan 18, 2009
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iIve had the kit sat in a room doing nothing for over two years. so i thought it was about time i built it.

Having only built smaller stuff, with the exception of a few PML kits, this is my first boattail, bigger rocket.

The rocket looks really nice, split fin pattern, boattail. i do have some concerns about the fixing of the fins, but i have a plan to modify the build to allow internal epoxy fillets.

First thing about the kit is that the body tube has some very deep spirals in it. These were filled with filler

the forward centering ring required abit of sanding to make it fit. This was than epoxyed to the top of the motor mount.

the shock cord is then attached to the top cable link, and then a heat shield sock is place over the cord and the cable.
The instructions ask for the boat tail and mount to be glued together into the BT. i did not like this method as it would not allow internal fillets.
To get around this i first extended the cut slots on the tailboat.
then, adding a ring of epoxy to the inside of the Bt forward of the front fins, i slip the mount into place and then added the boattail to get the correct position. The boattail was then quickly removed.
the G10 fins could then be fixed into place, and internal fillets can be added.


The rear fins were then added.
Annoyed with myself as one of the rear fins slipped when the epoxy was drying and is now slightly out of line with the front fin.:( when i build smaller stuff i nearly always clamp strips of wood either side of the fins to make sure everything is running true.

With the internal fillets added, the boattail is now epoxyed into place, motor retension is from a estes E clip, with the front bit hammer straight. a recess was cut out of the boat tail to accept it.
Not the best retension in the world, but options are limited on a boattail, and its better than just a few wraps of masking tape.

Not the best retention in the world, but options are limited on a boat tail, and its better than just a few wraps of masking tape.

I stuck (no pun) to using tape for my Talon 2. It works and allows you to use motors of varying lengths.

BTW, my Talon 2 is currently in two pieces after this flight:


The above flight was after I'd already repaired the rocket. Earlier, I had tried to fly the rocket in too much wind with too little of a motor and it arced into the ground, breaking into two. I fixed it then, during the above flight, the motor failed causing another crunch.

Neither accident was the fault of the rocket. It remains one of my favorite designs of all time and the Giant Leap kits are excellent.

-- Roger
The lugs supplied are massive! and use a 3/8th rod.
coice is to either used a tape that comes with the lugs, or to use epoxy, i used epoxy. I might add a set of buttons to the other side.
having put the lugs on, i now regret it, still you live and learn.
she's been base coated a pale yellow. will probably add add black highlights etc

first flight was with an aerotech RMS G64, and she flew great. swapped chute for a skyangle parachute.
i'm tempted to go for a H in her next month.
been doing alot of painting of rockets in the lab, finally got around to doing a basoc paint job on the talon

Had a very bad flight on this rocket where the motor was massively underpowered, the H120 acted more like a low end G.

she lawn darted and ripped herself into two pieces just above the forward fins,

Will rebuild her and give her a new paint scheme
The Talons seem to be susceptible to the wind. Mine's a little wobbly on takeoff with a G64. A CTI G250 Vmax solved that problem.
the talons can be tippy in wind however, we put one up on a G104T AT and then again on a G84 Blue CTI, in 16mph winds. Flew perfectly straight. so power is the key G250 has such a short burn that winds might still be a factor.
When I built my “Talon II” I split the motor tube and built the forward and rear fin sets as separate assemblies. This allowed me to fillet the fins as well as pour foam into both the body tube to secure the forward fins as well as the boat-tail to secure the rear fins.

Then the two halves were then glued together using a short section of larger dia. tube glued to the outside of the motor tube. This secured the motor tube together into a single piece.
In the process of rebuilding the talon 2.
vut of the rough section about an inch ahead of the forward fins.
added a coupler.
added a new section of BT to the coupler.
i've lengthened the rocket from 48 inch to 54 inch, partly to help with the extra weight that i've added to the mid section of the rocket.

other mods will be to added a pair of buttons as well as replaceing the forward lug.

order a new decal, custom made - Talon 2.1

had to decide on the new colour scheme, but i;m tempted to add a 2 inch band of vinyl around the seam that i've rather badly made.