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Giant Motor Collection for sale. Collectors and Non Collectors

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Feb 3, 2009
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In the next week or so I will be listing what I hope to be the last of my Ginormous Motor collection for sale. Same rules as always. I cannot ship the actual motors. The hardware etc. can and will be shipped. I can deliver the motors to Naram in Michigan or you can arrange to meet me in or around St. Louis or have someone else meet me and I will deliver. I have done this for a couple of years now and as far as I know everyone has always been happy with the transaction so please don't worry about not getting what is advertised. Unless otherwise noted all motors are in the original unopened packaging. (newer motors of course, most of the old collectors motors are not). Please feel free to make offers etc. Discounts are always offered on larger buys. thanks for looking

First off are Aerotech single use motors, I have the following

motor qty price

G-40 14 $8 each
G-80 3 $8 each
G-125 5 $10 each
G-25 1 $10 each
F-14 BJ 5 $10 each
F-25 5 $7 each
F-50 4 $7 each
E-15 36 $5 each
E-30 22 $5 each
E-10 2 $10 each
D-21 15 $5 each
D-10 3 $5 each

Aerotech LMS motors

G-77 18 $8 each
F-20 Pk of 2 6 $12 each

At these prices that is $1018 for the bunch. If someone wants them all first $750 gets them

Not all motors are shown in the pictures, Just a representation of what you are getting


I also have some F-10 and E-6 Apogee (Aerotech) motors.

Motor qty Price
F-10 6 $14 each SOLD
E-6 3 $10 each SOLD

I have a very large number of Estes E-9 motors. At least 35 packages. $6 per package or in groups of 10 $5.50 per package or if you want them all, $5.00 per package. These are unopened packages of estes E-9 motors.

These are the last of my North Coast F-62 motors. Some claim they are the best Model Rocket motor ever sold. I have 14 of them $10 each SOLD

6 packages of Centuri Super C motors. $10 each or $50 for all

Havent seen many of these around. 4 packages $10 each or $30 for all 4

Here they are. I have a collection of the famous FSI motors as well as an unbuilt Argo D4 Javelin kit. build the kit and fly it on the F-100's listed. (just kidding, would not recommend that) All motors are in unopened packages

Motor qty Price

F-100 3 pkg $15 each SOLD
F-7 1 pkg $25 each SOLD
e-60 5 pkg $10 each
E-5 5 pack $8 each
D-18/20 8 pkg $6 each
RX-1 Thruster `1 $25 each

Javelin Rocket $100

$250 for the lot

I have 1 reloadable Propulsion Industries H-140 with 2 reloads as well as a single use H-140, 2 F motors and and E. Don't see these anymore

$100 for the bunch (note the reloadable case appears identical to an aerotech but I have not confirmed this)

You can't even ship the non-hazmat motors? Otherwise, I'd take a bunch of those D and E SU motors off your hands.
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Sorry, You still need the proper paperwork to ship motors and I don't have it. Know anyone going to Naram? Or if you know someone in St. Louis who can ship them.

Mike H.
I have a very small number of Vulcan and RocketFlite motors.

Vulcan 1 H-100 1 G-97 1 F-52 and 1 E-12 Getting very rare $75 for the bunch
RocketFlite G-100 1 F-50 SS 2 $50 for the 3 motors SOLD!!!


I have a large collection of Enerjet, Pro-Jet and Crown motors. As you can see in the pictures some of the Pro-jet and Enerjet motors are in the original packaging. This is extremely rare and pretty cool. You get the original instrructions etc.

ProJet motors in original pkg. 1 3 pack of F-40 1 3 pack of E-20 1 single F-45 $30 each or $75 for all
Pro jet Motors loose $10 for F's $8 for E's

Crown Motors F-67 F-50 E-45 $10 each

Enerjet Motors. F in package $20
E in package $12
E's loose $10 each

Make an offer for the whole collection!!!!



First off I forgot to put the picture of the Crown motors in the above post so here it is. The other is an Aerotech 24-40 RC motor. I don't believe these are still made. Has a solid forward closure so no ejection but uses end burning propellant so the loads are E-6. burn for 7 seconds so great for the long burning applications. I have one unopened case and 3 3 packs of E-6 loads (9 loads total).



These were great single use motors. In unopened packages

g-80 5 each $10 each SOLD
F 2 each $8 each
E 3 each $7 each

2 each Aerotech H-55 single use motors. Never opened. $20 each


Yes I can ship the 24-40 RC casing but I prefer to sell it with the loads as one is not much good without the other. Are you looking for just a standard Aerotech 24-40 case because I have one of those for sale too. $25 shipped to you. New in bag.
FYI - I bought a bunch of these on the last sale. No worries on getting your stuff as described. Great guy to work with.
I have about 30 Quest D5 motors and 3 or 4 packs of 6 c-6-5 and c-6 3 motors.

D5 $3 each
C6 $10 pkg of 6

Have a diamond pack of Estes A5-2S motors, These are the shorties. Also have a green tube of the same motors A5-2S. 4 other estes green tubes with motors.

Diamond pack or tube of A5-2 S $10 each
Estes motors in tubes $5 each



Just a bump to this thread to remind everyone that I will be at Naram on Sunday. Most of the current motors (aerotech, Cti) etc are gone but I still have plenty of Enerjet, Crown, SSRs, ProJet, Canaroc, Centuri,Estes D-13's, Propulsion Industries, and many other collectors motors. Last chance to get a screaming deal on some really cool stuff

Mike H
Just a bump here. I will be traveling down to the New Orleans/Baton Rouge area on this Thursday. If anyone down there is interested in any of my remaining motors I can deliver them down there

Sorry, no hardware left. All that is shippable and went in a very short time.