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Mar 11, 2011
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I ordered several parts and such last Sunday night. The came yesterday (Thursday). Everything well packed and all there. I think there was 7 Items...Thanks guys! Now on to that 'T Bolt'! Tim Thomas L3
My (1) first rocket as a BAR, (2) first HPR rocket, and (3) L1 cert rocket (first flight as a BAR, H148R) was a T-Bolt. Really nice kit, complete and easy to put together (almost ready to fly is a pretty accurate term), seemed like a great starting point before moving on to more complex things. My dad built his own a year later as his first rocket and to do his L1 also.

GLR's Firestorm 54 seems to be a popular choice for L2 certs at the fields I fly, I built one but I did my L2 cert on a Binder Excel w/DD instead. My Firestorm 54 was my workhorse flyer (basically half of my flights), until I finally retired it after a crash this past summer (the upper section had been repaired/replaced a few times, the last flight totaled the lower section so that was the end).

I guess they've moved on from MagnaFrame to a different material, presumably means the T-Bolt has changed as well. Haven't taken a good look at any GLR rockets with the new material, would be nice if it means no/less-deep spirals to fill, and possibly less chance of zippering as well (more of a problem for the bigger/heavier FS54 than the T-Bolt I'd think). But great vendor and nice kits.
A Google search reveals this which answers both of those questions. Yes, a dental building makes perfect sense. One of the new owners is a dentist. Also, write or call about things listed as out of stock:
We have very exciting news. Giant Leap Rocketry was purchased in October 2016 and has moved it's base of operations to the great northwest: Hillsboro, Oregon. Thanks to Ed and Kent who have provided the high-power rocketry community fantastic service and incredible products for many years. The new owners are hobbyists as well. Dix Densley is a dentist in Hillsboro, Oregon and Bob Martell is an electrical engineer working in Portland, Oregon. Giant Leap Rocketry has been set on a fantastic trajectory and our goal is to continue and even enlarge the reputation of GLR by continuing to offer the unique and best-in-field product lines like the Slimline retainers, TAC line parachutes, Aeropoxy and some killer, simple to build kits. We are in the process of revamping some of our less popular inventory and you will see the evidence of that on our website Should you need anything that is currently listed as "Out of Stock" please reach out to us via email or phone we may have what you need on a limited stock item
We are going to introduce some truly innovative, high quality, durable products so look here for the latest Giant Leap Rocketry has to offer.

Steve Shannon
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