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Feb 28, 2003
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for the benefit of the visitors new to rocketry, I thought I would include the following useful information. Please feel free to add your own experience.

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a 'starter set' will get you off and running. It comes complete with a "Ready-to-fly" rocket, and a launch pad and electronic ignition. You will also want some motors.

My kids and I launched at a large school yard, virtually empty on weekends once the weather is brisk. You will just want to make sure the wind is low. Of course I'll recommend that you involve yourself with a local club for alot of reasons, including the brains to pick - and a spectators to appreciate your flights! But there is something about launching your (or your kids) first rocket from your own launch pad, with you pressing the button, that is priceless! I still have the videos of my kids first launch.

Quest makes a product that is superior to the Estes ones, both in quality of materials and craftsmanship.

You can buy buy these at Rocket Warehouse (and other hobby rocketry retailers):

Quest starter sets and rocket kits

Quest motors

I would also recommend buying these excellent books and the CD
available from Apogee Rocketry. I have them all, and found the movies on the CD-ROM to be both interesting and instructive for my three young rocketeers (ages 9 to 13).

Building Skill Level 1 Model Rocket Kits (CD-ROM, $13)

"Model Rocket Design and Construction", by Tim Van Milligan (Book, $24)

"Second Stage: Advanced Model Rocketry - 2nd. Edition", by Michael Banks (Book, $16)

when you are ready to move on to kit building, please consider the following vendors of quality model rocket kits (in alphabetical order)

Aerospace Speciality Products


Balsa Machining Service


Pratt Hobbies

Qualified Competition Rockets

The Launch Pad

U.S. Rockets

- iz

Bob Schneider wrote:

> As one with literally no rocketry background and I mean zero, what's the best way to get started. Looks like just a simple model rocket pre-assembled or not?