Getting Ready For Gryphon Launch...Any advice????

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Nov 25, 2004
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I am going to be launching my scratch build MIRV Gryphon in the next day or two and *IF* I see it again I have been told there are some things you can do from keeeping parts from burning up. Does anyone have any advice on how to "harden" the launch to prevent it burning up???
Thanks! Looking forward to it. My second scratch build (first being Screamer, third being der Red Maxx) with many more on the way! I am so greatful to you folk for taking me in and being so patient and teaching a REAL newbie! I'm having so much fun and have never met such a generous group (and knowledable) folk.
Thank you to you all!
--Scott (the newbie)
Hi, Sorry newbie here....what should I use for a "liner" and do I need to do that for the hole body tubes (both boosters and mirvs)?
Make sure there are holes in the liners and that they line up with the vent holes in the booster tubes. If they don't, the vent holes will be blocked and the sustainers may not ignite.

Look into the rear ends of the sustainer motors and check that you can see clean, black propellant. If they look like they're blocked with clay, scrape them out a bit, preferably with something non-metallic like a cocktail stick. (If you use a metal pin, you may create a spark right where you don't want one!)

Make sure that the sustainer motors aren't too tight in the tops of the booster tubes, so that the sustainers will separate easily. If they don't, the booster will get toasted.

Have plenty of observers. :)