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Getting out of hobby. Need to sell

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The Cylon Rocketeer

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Oct 22, 2013
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Hi all, I am leaving the hobby and have some stuff to sell. I would like to sell these in lots, but if you want one item specifically, let me know and maybe I can make it work

I have pics, please ask if interested

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN AN ITEM. PLEASE EMAIL ME AT [email protected], as I don't check trf often

First off, the "aerotech 54mm EX starter set".

one 54mm medusa nozzle.
One Aerotech 54mm 3 grain case and closure set.
Enough liner and o rings for 3 motors.

Price is: $150.00 plus $10.00 shipping obo

Second lot is the " 54mm small set" Aerotech motor casings

Included is:
1 54/1706 case
1 54/1280 case
1 54/852 case
1 54mm aft closure
1 54mm fsd
1 54mm standard plugged threaded fwd closure
1 54mm extended plugged threaded fwd closure
1 forged eye bolts

Price is $200.00 plus $10.00 shipping obo
Sold pending funds

Individual items:

1 54mm graphite nozzle Aerotech spec. Made by Steve Eves ( yes that Steve Eves) $30.00 plus $5 shipping

1 Gardner Bender digital multimeter
$20.00 plus $5 shipping

1 Aeropack 54/75 adapter $30 plus $5 shipping

Thanks for looking
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Steve, your killing me, you always beat me to the adaptors.....