Gemini does like to tangle

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Nov 7, 2004
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Launched my gimini dc today,, the black and yellow paint schemed one. First was a b6-4 which it flew nicely on. Last two were c6-5's My results indicate that you should tear a square wadding piece in two and use both pieces crumpled seperately in each nacelle(So one complete square in each tube). My chutes have very large holes in the middle for low drag. I then put one half of a square in the end of each nacelle to plug it. The chutes do tend to twist and turn in the descent,, and my last launch had them in a real tangle. So bad that it came down quite fast and 'pasture darted'. It was fine,, nose cone went in about 2 inches or so. Fun rocket, I like the dual rear ejection thing, reminds me of the nasa capsules and their recovery chutes.