Gemini DC burn-holes

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Jan 20, 2009
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I just recently noticed after about 5 launches on my Gemini DC; that it has burn-holes just across from where the vent hole is. The hole measures aproximately 3/32" in diameter, and I've grounded it until I can figure out how to fix it. Personally I have no idea so I'm hoping to get a few suggestions. :confused:
You can go back and retrofit your rocket with the solution recommended on the EMRR reviews:

If you can get the nose cones off the side pods, take that motor fitting guide that came with the rocket, cut it in half down the length of the tube (giving you 2 half-pipes), and glue those into the walls of the tube where that blast hits. If possible, coat them with something that will be more heat-resistant than just the cardboard.

Then glue the nose cones back on and your back in business.

It may not help you now but maybe for the next one...
I glued a piece of Aluminum Foil to the inside of the tube
shiny side towards the heat.