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Jan 18, 2009
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I've been cleaning up my sailboat this weekend... and just wondering if anyone has considered or used a Gel Coat type finish on a rocket?

Did it work? How was it?

I was thinking of building a small rocket to experiment with...

Thanks ahead of time...!!!
yay, another sailor on TRF! what kind of boat do you have?

gelcoat is just polyester resin with pigment. it doesn't add strength, just weight. it's great for getting a pretty good finish with not much work if you don't care about weight. paint & primer stick nicely; another minus is it is very soft so gouges and scuffs easily. that said, all the Polecat / Skunkworks kits' nosecones are covered in it!

I really couldn't recommend it for LPR or MPR or any high performance HPR.

in fact, gelcoat is only used for high production female molded glassed item; custom built or low production boats (read: higher quality) these days are all 2-part LPU painted on glass.

I had pretty much figured that it would be on the heavy side...
still... I may try it on a small scale... I guess... if I can thin it down enough for an airbrush... I do know that the body shop has to push it through with alot of pressure....

The boat is nothing special...(he says)...
bought it '89.... NACRA 5.2 meter cat....


Real boats are made of wood and have hemp lines! That's me at the bow.

Yep I built that!

For absolute fun on the water my neighbor has a Hobie Magnum 21 that he just can't sail alone!

Better than owning one!
hooray for catamarans! you can't beat the fun-per-dollar, not with any other toy. I have a bunch of sailboats including a Hobie 16, and a Hobie Trifoiler. but I haven't done much sailing for 2 years because of back trouble :(

oh yeah, wooden boats are cool too. nice job on yours, Sandman - you really are the Sanding-Man! is there a genetic disposition for extra elbow-grease in your family or something :)

back to gel coat - I wouldn't try it but you go ahead and try a thin coat and post some pix here, eh? you might be on to something, dunno for sure unless you try!