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Sep 21, 2009
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I just thought about starting a thread to talk about video games, I'm mostly a PC gamer, the only platform I have is PS1. I recently seen screenshots and a video for Half-life 2, and the graphics are amazing, looks like its gonna be a great game, any of you guys play grand Theft Auto Vice City? what a fun game to play:) that game is addictive.
I sure do miss the old classic games, like Sonic the Hedgehog for Genesis, and The Goonies for the NES. I used to play that alot,
I still have that game, just not the NES, Donkey Kong for Super NES is my favorite game for the Super NES,
The PS1 had many great games, like Metal Gear Solid, awesome game by the way, played just the other day, Gran Tourismo 1 & 2
were very cool, very in-depth with all the cars and stuff, Resident Evil 2, oh yeah
What games are you guys looking forward to? Star Wars Battleground looks awesome, its like Battlefield 1942, but has a Star Wars theme. You guys ever played Superpower for PC?
Share your thoughts on games, or bash a crappy game, what ever you want,
Full Spectrum Warrior looks sweet, too bad I don't have an XBOX, have any of you guys played Rallisport Challenge 1? its for PC and PS2, what do you think of it? the graphics are almost realistic, gotta get my hands on it, either that or Joint Operations from Novalogic, but I don't think I have a good enough video card to run it.
I'm mostly a PC gamer. I like first person shooters like Return to Castle Wolfenstein, UT2003 and 4, and Half-life 2 and Doom 3 are looking good, too. And No One Lives Forever was a great game. When I was playing Metal Gear Solid, it was VERY addictive. Role-Playing games like Baldur's Gate and Neverwinter Nights are also favorites of mine, too, though. Love the deep storylines.
pc cause its the most uberest thing alive.

battlefield 1942 is definately the greatest FPS EVAR. i dont care about how good halo and all those new things are... the only thing that i like as much is cs, but there completly two different gamplays...

bfv was a big dissapointment, and its taking dice forever to patch it...

COD is the best single player i have ever seen... its just incredibly realistic...

or course i have GTA vc for pc to make movies and such and such, and thats never a bad game...
PC for me.

I was a Everquest junkie for almost 3 years. Now im a rocket junkie.

Originally posted by rabidsheeep
battlefield 1942 is definately the greatest FPS EVAR.

I don't play games a whole lot. But when I do, I like BF1942 online. Lots of fun.
I do some PC gaming and also have an X-Box. My current game on PC is Planetside. It's not the prettiest game out there graphically, but it's the ONLY place you can run into a 3-way battle with 100+ vs 100+ vs 100+ players. You have to be running a pretty high end machine to have it run smooth though.
I like my XBox.

Steel Battalion and Steel Battalion 2: Line of Contact (Online) RULE!!!!!!!!

Oh, and you gotta jam old school every now and again with some SSX Tricky.
Pc and GBASP, I would start multiplayer PC stuff but as a kid im not allowed.. :( I do however sneak in FlightSim2002 multiplayer every once in a while under the callsign "rocketboy". I mostly do the cessna 182RG or the learjet, however occasionally I get out some of my downloaded military jets.

Those links worked for me a few months back, dunno if they still work. Also, for finding multiplayer games go to .
Another PC Gamer here :)

Medal Of HonoUr is good. I havent tried BF1942 but I would like to. CoD Looks good also, but I can't be bothered to buy it. I also love Tony Hawks Underground and Need For Speed Underground on the PS2 :D
I played Medal of Honor before BF1942. Enjoyed MoH a lot, but like the variety of vehicles and weapons, and the big maps of BF1942 better. Overall, a matter of personal taste.
I dont like big maps that much for Multi Player. I love a small 2v2 or 4v4 game with some freinds and a microphone conversation.

Which game would you say is more realistic?

Neither is terribly realistic (after all, in real war dead is dead!), but in my opinion MoH caters more to an arcade style of play. With BF1942, holding terrain matters and tactics matter (although most online players don't quite get that). With MoH, being quick and accurate is what matters most. I like them both, but only play for an hour or two on the weekend, so tend to favor BF1942.
Im mainly a PC guy.

Im partial to the Unreal Tournament and Unreal game Lines. I really get into mod making skinning and maps making with these games.

A good, not real main stream game was RUNE. A great multiplayer game.

As far as consoles go..
Im waiting for that new Grand Turismo to come out....

and hope crystal dynamics will get around to making another Soul Reaver or Legacy Of Kain...those are the best RPG games ever. I would put my life on it...if any of you ever get a chance to play LOK or SR do it! its something you won't forget.

my quote \/ \/ \/ actually came for the last Legacy Of Kain game. The story line for it rocks.

duck hunt.

on NES.

uber 1337 pwnage game right there.
Halo 2 looks really cool, Battlefield 1942 secret weapons of WWII, is the best expansion, but the Wasserfall rocket is very hard to control. I'm not a very good pilot either, I always crash, my favorite gun in BF1942 is the M1 garand, sweet gun:) MOH is tough, I barely made it on to Omaha beach. Those darn MG-42's

all 1942 expansions kinda.... stinxor. alot... i wasn't impressed by either...

k98 pwns all. when your using it shoot then switch to your knife and back to the gun and shoot again real fast... makes it an automatic gun :D
Nooooo! Counter - Strike has took its toll again and it's now 6:08am and I've only just came of the game...........Time flys when your having fun ( Or owning :D )
battlefield 1942 is definately the greatest FPS EVAR.

I agree and BFV is a total FUBAR...they will never patch it to make it work correctly.
Originally posted by LOGAN
battlefield 1942 is definately the greatest FPS EVAR.

Anyone who says that (about any FPS for that matter) has obviously never played Halo.
For some reason, I dont like Halo. I'm not really into any FPS thats set after the 70's.

If you want a good Vietnam FPS, look no further than Vietcong. Amazing game, very realistic for a FPS, plenty of in depth missions with amazing jungle graphics. :)

I've never played Halo, looks cool
is UT2004 a good game? is it just Multiplayer?
what are some of the things wrong with BF Vietnam?
UT 2k4 is........
well im not real sure UT 2k3 was a great game really good graphics...really smart A.I. good game play. Over all i would say its about the best game i've ever played on the computer.
But 2k4 is different....there are so many new things in it. modes, characters...maps...I mean its basically a completely different game. But it is really good. Thought I would usually recommend it for faster comps... 1.2 MHz+ is still plays really well on my 1.0 just don't crank up the graphics.
And no its not ALL multiplayer persay.
The SP mode is based on a tournament style game play. You play throught each ladder (i.e. Deathmatch...Capture The Flag...Assault....etc.)
Once you beat that one you move onto the next. Finally to the final 1 on 1 battle for the trophy. There isn't a story really as you would expect for SP you just play the matches till you win thats all there is to it.
But i would have to that the online MP is really good to. Mostly good people and on top of that you get to see what other people are doing with the game. From desiging thier own maps to characters to mods and even gametypes.
Or you can just jump in and play.

All in all if you have a slower machiene i would recommend UT 2k3
but hey if you want the new stuff go for it.


yeah kinda strung out explination...but ive got alot to say about the game :D
Originally posted by Fore Check
Anyone who says that (about any FPS for that matter) has obviously never played Halo.


ok, halo took about as much skill as it does to squeeze apoxe out of a bottle. the flying was just with your mouse, not like 1942 where you really need to know how to shoot with lead and know what to do.

the actual shooting parts are only fun when theres ALOT of guys...
UT2004 sounds like a fun game to play, flying a airplane BF1942 is hard for me, the only plane I can fly halfway decent is the B-17.
If your into games with brilliant graphics , S.T.A.L.K.E.R , Shadow Of Chernoybl. Those graphics are just un-beatable! Heres the website for the game , they have some pretty awesome pics & movies based on the game there. Looks pretty neat , and have it for £17.99 deliverd :p
I know making a game of something where thousands of people died is pretty sick , but hey people will do anything to make money:(
Ohh I'm sorry I forgot to mention that I have a pretty interesting link that some of you should visit here. Click on the 'Beginning' section , and read every page .
Now that Chernobyl is classed as 'DANGEROUS' due to Radiation , as you head into the city there are numerous checkpoints controlled by the USA Army. The check you for Radiation ect and if you are unsafe they give you and your vehicle a Chemical Shower. But at the last checkpoint , you aren't allowed to go any further without a pass granted by the Government . But the women who wrote that website does have one as her Father works with the movement . So she basically can go anywhere she wants in that city , but isn't stupid enough to go near the reactor core.The things she finds are pretty sad but I suppose it give you a insight of what life was like just before that accident. Even till this day , scientists have failed to declare what caused that fatal accident...........Sorry about that being a little off topic there :rolleyes:
The Sims 2 be out this September, gotta get it, I liked the first one, but this will be alot better, they now can be born and die an old person, unlike the first one, whenever I play the sims my sims are always dirt poor
I heard on G4 TV that the XBOX 2 might be out next year, dang it seems as though the first just came out, man how time flys.

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