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Jun 13, 2004
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In a month im geting a g-force i need the low down on it and i want to see some pics please and im trying to fond a good price on it thanks!
The G-Force is an awesome kit, 4 inch dia by 5 feet long. It will give you some nice flights on G64s, I had a faulty G35 CATO in mine :(

Good thing about them Aerotech kits is they are built like a truck. Only damage was a split motor tube. A month later it went up on a G64 with a close recovery. Any more questions? All i can say is that it is a great kit. I don't know if they ship, but Hobby Haven in Kansas city might have them (Habu, have you been in there recently?) and I got mine for 60 bucks.
You will love that rocket. I have one and I love it. It will allow you to really appreciate the power of a G motor without going out of sight. It only goes up like 800 feet max.

My favorite motors for it are the G64-4W reload and the G80-4T single use motor.

Good luck with it:)