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Jan 18, 2009
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I have the opportunity to buy the G-Force for half price, and I was wonderign if this is a good rocket. Anyone else have one?
I had one, till the powerlines ate it. For half price, I would go for it.
If you don't want it for half off, I'll take it! That's one of those "top of my list" rockets if I can find it at a good price. It's supposed to be great for small fields on a G35.
It is great for small fields on G35's :).

I modified mine to take up to an H180. I even flew it on an H180... fast and high flight. H128's are my favorite motor for that rocket.
I might (but doubtfully) be able to ship you one. BIG maybe.

Ok, I'll get the rocket. I've been needing to use my new casing. According to the Motor Matrix, it'll only go 800 feet at best. Just the kind of rocket I like. Plus I just LOVE the roar of a G64 or G80.
I just gotta hope someone else doesn't buy it first. Doesn't a G35 require a LEUP to possess? I can't get one of those, underage.
G FOrce is a great kit, and hightly mod-able, if that's what you're into. A guy in the club I'm in had a G force modified for High Power (renamed HI Force...lol) that he attempted his L2 on a J350 with. It was one of the early new J350's, so it unfortunately cato'ed, but that rocket had ALOT of great flights on it. Half price can't be beat - get it and run out the door before you get stopped.

Cool. I must be thinking of a G33 or something. Don't worry, I plan on getting it before the launch that day! We have a small field here in town that would be perfect for this rocket; I routinely fly my Mongoose to over 1k'.
Heck, i think any Aerotech rocket is worth buying at 50% off!
anybody wana sell me a sumo for 50 bucks?javascript:smilie(':D')
Originally posted by Adam Selene
...i think any Aerotech rocket is worth buying at 50% off!
I agree with that as well. Most of the AT kits are good and at that price they are great!
Sure enough, it was still there and I caught a 10% off sale. They do have a Sumo for 50 bucks, I cant ship it, but if you ever go to KC, it is at 10560 S Metcalf/ US169.

Started construction today with the MMT, and with all the measurements done it looks like there is a little too much space at the aft end for an AT rocket. Is this normal? It's like 1 9.5/16". Have I done the marking wrong?

No pics yet, but maybe when I can find my camera.
Kewl! Cant wait for some pics... I doubt I will ever buy a Gforce. Too expensive. I might make a clone, though.:cool:
My camera needs batteries. No lie, we dont have any AAAs.

I dont wanna meet T and V, so dont send them over sand.
A friend of mine bought the G-Force and extended it...it flies well and makes a great HPR L1 bird.

I did some simple modifications for my G-Force kit.

I felt that the tube coupler was a little 'whimpy' so I replaced it with a heavier walled one from LOC.

I took the original tube coupler, cut it to the proper length and used it to double the wall thickness at the back of the rocket. The rocket lands on the body tube, not the fins, and can really crimp the aft end of the rocket.

I set the rocket up to recover in two sections. The parachute that came with the kit is used for the lower section of the rocket while I put a 20-24" 'chute on the nose cone section. I just have to remember to pack both parachutes correctly to make sure they both deploy!
I'm amazed at how fast this rocket goes together, i will probably finish it tomorrow after school. All i gotta do is apply the internal fillets and rear CR. I'm converting the top section to a payload bay.
Here's a picture of my completed G-Force kit.

The decals were a disappointment. There was no white color backing on the decals. The paint colors could be seen through the decals. This was very noticeable with the fin decals.
I made a template of the lettering on the one pound notice sheet... Will use that to paint the fins.

A question about the wrap decal: Does it cover both sections of the rocket, cut in half, or is it just on the top (or bottom) section?
Just found a gotcha with this rocket; when you glue the top CR to the body tube, be bery careful with the application of CA. I was not, and now the coupler won't slide in all the way. Will some debonder fix this, or do I need a whole new lower half? I am going to Lobby Hobby today to get some thin CA, a blue ninja, and some debonder.
While your at hoblob, check to see if they have an Estes Phoenix. Dont get it, but if you see it, contact me... It would be nice if you could go back during the next half-off sale...:D ;) :eek: :cool:
Originally posted by Blue_Ninja_150
I made a template of the lettering on the one pound notice sheet... Will use that to paint the fins.

A question about the wrap decal: Does it cover both sections of the rocket, cut in half, or is it just on the top (or bottom) section?

The 'wrap' decal covers both sections of the rocket. You cut it at the paint seperation line. I've attached a picture of my G-Force with the rocket split apart so you can see it.
Yeesh. I may leave that bugger off. The fin decals are definately going on. I just noticed somethign- this was such a fast build I forgot to add it to my sig!
No, I'm not at my house and this comp dont have the cam software on it. I dont have my camera either, but there will be a finished pic. I am not lying.
How long is it till the debonder evaporates? Must all the CA be picked out, or does it harden after a while?

Took some pics, will upload them tomorrow. The rocket doesn't look too good, It kinda looks like a blue black and grey cow. I ran out of 2 cans of paint on this roc.