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I hate the Media! They're always coming up with remote possibilities. Remember that big bug thing a while back!?

1. Humans are impatient - especially when it comes to geologic time. If they say 2k years, it'll probably be closer to 3k!

2. I'm land-locked in Utah - no worries mate! :p
Guys. I am a scientist. It says so right on my business card and on my diplomas. Therefore, I am qualified to make the following prediction of impending disaster, and you guys are the lucky ones to receive the bounty of my wisdom.

I will pause here for a moment while you bask in my radiance.

Here it is. I predict a cataclysmic event brought on by a huge number of ejected, spent motor casings due to improper motor retention. I've studied this issue in depth, and it seems to me that there are a large number of kits that don't include even so much as an engine hook. When you accumulate the number of rockets flown at a typical sport launch, multiply that by the fraction of insufficiently retained motors, and multiply that by the probability of ejection, I'm afraid I'm left with no other conclusion than that it is highly likely that several people will, in fact, be conked on the head during the course of any given sport launch. Accumulating the average number of conkees over the number of sport launches leads to an estimate of thousands of such incidents in a year. Since each conking incident can result in a significant reduction of brain cells, I believe I've now proven that flying model rockets results in a significant dumbing down of the population at large, and that this now allows crackpot scientists (unlike myself) to get away with sensationalistic predictions. That and O.J. Simpson being found not guilty.

You can read my findings in full in the next issue of the journal "Nature" (assuming it is accepted for publication - or MSNBC otherwise).

Nothing personal, but scientists scare the begeezes out of me.

Because of "scientists", I get to watch out for killer bees in Utah now -oh joy!

In the future, I'm sure I'll have to watch out for the eugenics wars (stem cell).

"self-replicating and "nano-technology" should not be used in the same sentence (like this one!:p )

"Scientists", I'm sure, have a "noble" cause for doing these things, but some of the end results are scary stuff!

Of course, scientists provide answers to many of life's mysteries too!

(who could live without so much honey!)
Boy am I glad I read this thread!

"Future Disasters"

For a second I thought there was a problem with using Future Floor Finish over decals.

I'm feel better now.

Originally posted by illini868891
Boo! :eek:

oh, great...

...now there's begeezes all over the floor...


So, you want a disaster? Let's create our own! Let's get all of the rocketeers, world wide, into arizona, load up our rockets from MMX to P power, the whole she-bang. Light'em all up at the same time and knock this puppy (the earth) right outta orbit!

Now THAT should make the news! :D

Of course, this could all be countered if everyone in Australia were to *jump* at the moment of ignition, countering the force of so many launches. But we could eliminate that problem by inviting them all over here to watch the launch..

man, i'm putting *way* too much thought into this... LOL
In World News tonight, Residents of Arizona, USA, are fearing for thier live. A group of crazed, missile flying wachos launched over 30,000 of said 'missiles' at one time. Many of the motors fell out and are STILL raining down on to Arizona.

The ATF said they are "dumbfounded."
I lose sleep at night just thinking about what will happen if our next president turns out to be __________
Space 2004! Cool!

Can I drive one of those cool Eagle cargo haulers like in the series!


Commander Pat!
them scientists will be the end of us...

i can see one now...in his lab... he created a tiny black hole...as he gets sucked in, instants before all we know gets sucked in, his last thought is "oops"

That makes me think back to Los Alamos.
When the first atomic bomb was detonated there was much debate among the scientific comunity as to wether the chain reaction would burn off ALL of the earths atmosphere!!
They really weren't shure but set the bomb off anyway!!!
"Future Disasters"

For a second I thought there was a problem with using Future Floor Finish over decals.


I'm sure that you will sleep so much better now!
Scientists cause cancer in laboratory animals!

I should know because am one of those scientists.

Bruce S. Levison, NAR #69055
Now I got a reason to got to black rock! Yeeha! . No motor can escape me now! Nobody can out run the rocketman! You can't hide! Here's Johnny! Mwhahahahaha!

Sorry, I'm just starting new medication!
Originally posted by DavRedf
It now seems that we are not going to be a cosmic 8 ball but might be in contention for a giant swimming pool.
I found this article on MSNBC and thought it of interest.


Comments, ideas, hiding places?


You think that's bad, read this:

National Geographic, the Doomsday Machine
George H. Kaub

Pollution of many types and kinds is currently paramount in the public mind. Causes and solutions are being loudly proclaimed by all of the media, politicians, public agencies, universities, garden clubs, industry, and churches, ad infinitum. Pollution runs the spectrum from the air we breathe and the water we drink to the soil we till, as well as visual and audio pollution, and in recent years, pollution of outer space from junk exploration hardware.

These threats to our environment, our health and our mental wellbeing are real and with us, but not nearly as immediately catastrophic or totally destructive as the disaster which imminently faces this nation and menace of monstrous proportions can be likened only to the entire country resting on a gargantuan San Andreas fault. Earthquakes, hurricanes, mud slides, fire, famine, and atomic war all rolled into one hold no greater destructive power than this incipient horror which will engulf the country in the immediate and predictable future.

This continent is in the gravest danger of following legendary Atlantis to the bottom of the sea. No natural disaster, no overpowering compounding of pollutions or cataclysmic nuclear war will cause the end. Instead, a seemingly innocent monster created by man, nurtured by man, however as yet unheeded by man, will doom this continent to the watery grave of oblivion.

But there is yet time to save ourselves if this warning is heeded.

PUBLICATION AND DISTRIBUTION OF THE NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINE MUST BE IMMEDIATELY STOPPED AT ALL COSTS! This beautiful, educational, erudite, and thoroughly appreciated publication is the heretofore unrecognized instrument of doom which must be erased if we as a country or continent will survive. It is NOT TOO LATE if this warning is heeded!

According to current subscription figures, more than 6,869,797 issues of the National Geographic magazine are sent to subscribers monthly throughout the world. However, it would be safe to say that the bulk of these magazines reach subscribers in the United States and Canada, and it is, and never has been, thrown away! It is saved like a monthly edition of the Bible. The magazine has been published for over 141 years continuously, and countless millions if not billions of copies have been innocently yet relentlessly accumulating in basements, attics, garages, public and private institutions of learning, the Library of Congress, Smithsonian Institution, Good Will, and Salvation Army stores, and heaven knows where else. Never discarded, always saved. No recycling, just the horrible and relentless accumulation of this static vehicle of our doom!

National Geographic averages approximately 2 pounds per issue. Since no copies have been discarded or destroyed since the beginning of publication, it can be readily seen that the accumulated aggregate weight is a figure that not only boggles the mind, but is imminently approaching the disaster point. That point will be the time at which the geologic substructure of the country can no longer support the incredible load, and subsidence will occur. Gradually at first, but then relentlessly accelerating as rock formations are compressed, become plastic and begin to flow, great faults will appear.

The logical sequence of events is predictable. First will come foundation failures and gradual sinking of residences and public buildings in which the magazine has been stored. As these areas depress the earth, more and more structures will topple and sink until whole towns and cities will submerge, then larger and larger land masses. This chain reaction will accelerate until the entire country has fallen below the level of the sea and total inundation will occur.

The areas of higher subscription density, affluence and wealth, will be the first to go, followed by institutions, middle class, urban, and ghetto areas in that order, with the relatively unpopulated plains and mountains finally sinking into the sea.

We have been warned of this impending calamity by a seeming increase in so-called natural disasters throughout the country, as well as isolated occurrences striking areas heretofore immune to natural destruction:

* Increase in earthquake activity in California has been triggered by population growth and the subsequent increase in National Geographic subscriptions and accumulations of heavy masses of the magazine. This gradual increase in weight has caused increased activity along the San Andreas fault.
* Earthquakes in the Denver area were not caused by pumping of wastes into wells at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal, but by accumulation of National Geographic magazines by more and more people as the population increased over the years.
* Sinking of several coal-mining towns throughout the country can only be attributed to the increase in workers benefits and pay increases, allowing them to subscribe to and hoard National Geographic.
* Mud slides in California, which have brought destruction to hundreds of homes built on the hillsides, were triggered by the final straw in the form of the last delivery into these areas of National Geographic to subscribers and hoarders.

The list is endless. The warnings are clear.

The time grows short and we must act at once if this calamity is to be averted. The National Geographic must cease publication at once, if necessary by Congressional action or Presidential edict.
Originally posted by SecretSquirrel

National Geographic averages approximately 2 pounds per issue.

i pulled 5 copies at random and weighed them.
together they weigh just under 4lb, making the average weight of a copy of National Geographic .8lb

other than that minor point, i agree fully with your extrapolation.
Originally posted by teflonrocketry1
Scientists cause cancer in laboratory animals!

I should know because am one of those scientists.

Bruce S. Levison, NAR #69055

And I was one of those animals.