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Cyborg Rocketeer
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Jan 5, 2009
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Alliance, Ohio
So with my kids home on spring break (and one at Camp Lejeune), we decided to do something together and headed north to the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.

It began well when we paid our admission. Regular price was $15 per person but they saw my Desert Storm hat and mentioned a veterans discount. My driver's license had proof so my admission, plus one guest (my wife) was FREE. Then, since both kids had college ID's, they both got a discount so the total for the four of us was $20 (plus parking). Sweet!

Of course there were cool dinosaurs.

ImageUploadedByRocketry Forum1489010171.702065.jpg

But even better, was the surprise find of cool space stuff.

A moon rock in the center of the precious gems and geology exhibit...

ImageUploadedByRocketry Forum1489010272.497253.jpg

And then a Viking lander science package.

ImageUploadedByRocketry Forum1489010357.513327.jpg

Naturally, we stopped in Chinatown at Li Wah, our favorite restaurant, for some great dim sum before we headed home.

And a good time was had by all...
How cool was that, John- thanks for posting! Best wishes for the one at Camp LeJeune- it can be a swamp in summer.
I grew up east of Cleveland, but haven't been to any of the museums. Sad that we have things in our "backyards" that we don't explore.
Sounds like you got a great deal on admission and had fun while you were there. Thanks for sharing.