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Jan 13, 2004
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The family had a great day flying Thursday. My son's friend was over and was pretty hyped to get to pick any rocket he wanted to fly.
We started off with my sons scratch build on a C-11. I can't get over how straight his rocket flies. Perfect flight.

Next was his friend. He chose my never flown Blue Ninja on a D-12. Great flight! I noticed it hanging in an updraft so I decided a spill hole was in order. Upon recovery we found that the blue sticker layer was almost completely blown off! The only thing keeping it on were the outer applied stickers. I just pulled them off converting it to the now "Silver Ninja".

Next up was my girls pink rocket drag race! Good race, and very minor damage to one of the rockets. Not sure what happened exactly, but it looked like the shock snapped down on a fin taking out a small piece. No biggie.

Next I chose the previously Blue, but now Silver Ninja on a friction fitted E9. This was the first time I had flown an "E" engine. It was sort of a slow take off, which looked pretty cool on a larger rockey. Nice long burn and it arced, which wasn't bad considering the breeze. Now the good part...

This thing had kids on bikes following it, two boys on a hill playing ran down the hill to watch, a neighbor in his front yard stopped working and came around back in awe. And when it finally came down (with spill hole remember) It was behind a house way up this hill. When I got there, the kids on the bikes told me where it came down.

Then an elderly woman in curlers met me on the porch and told me it was around back. Her husband came out to walk me back. I laughed and asked if he saw it come down. He said no, but his wife did! Then he pointed it out and wished me luck as I left.
See there, rockets bringing people together and helping neighbors meet.

Anyway, we finished with two flights of the Shuttle Express on C's and called it a day.
Great fun, and we got everything back!
No dought about it .... Rocketry is fun !!!!

Really sounds as if you had a great day !