Fun at the Sharon Public Library

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Jan 17, 2009
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Heck of a week... Trying to stay on top of Saturn 1B orders, Tiddlywink orders, preparing for TWO classes, NARAM, NERRF and 2-3 new kit releases (yes, and the Tour de Deuce)... :)

One of my classes for this week was a session with 15 kids and their parents at the Sharon (MA) public library. We spent about 90 minutes building the Whatchamacallit kit then we retired to a local sports field for a demo launch. We didn't launch the kits the kids built as that wasn't part of the program, but I offered them the option of joining one of our club launches.

The demo lasted about 45 minutes and included such rockets as the Whatchamacallit, Thing-a-ma-Jig, Decaffeinator, Pheord X150, Nantucket SOund and more. It was a great day to fly and the kids and parents all had a ball.

I have posted a photo album of the days events that you can find by clicking this link.

Have fun! :)
Jim, you just have too much fun! :roll: (And so do all of the kids at your events! :D )

Apparently it takes 6 kiddos to recover and 3 kiddos to carry a Decafinator.

Kids crack me up sometimes.


I hate you.

(Eee-gad, is my jealousy that obvious!!) :D:D

Jim, I am envious.
You certainly have a happy & fulfilling life!!
(and you even have time for Brookies, Stripers, and the occasional salmon!!)