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FS: PML Mini BBX & Terrier Booster Combo

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Feb 9, 2009
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Trying to fund some other projects that are taking priority over this one, and want to sell this as a combo. This includes:

Mini-BBX w/ CP3K (retail $175.95)
Terrier Booster (retail $102.95)
AccuFire Staging Timer (retail $84.95)

Total retail price is $363.85, I'll sell the package for $225.00 (OBO) plus shipping (will estimate depending on your location, insurance is optional but recommended). I believe this should be better than any available web store price, but if you can find one better for the combo, let me know!

All three items are in original un-opened packaging.

I generally prefer PayPal for payments.

Contact me via post or PM if you're interested.


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So 85 looks and no takers - I'll assume price is the barrier, so I'm dropping the package price to $250.00, contact me with questions or offers - [email protected] - I'll try to login here and check PMs as well.
So, one more price cut ($225 + shipping) - lots of looking, no buying!
Lots of looking....Lots of wanting...Lots of drooling...Look in wallet..Lots of dust but no green :( Well, there is some green, but that is just some mold:rolleyes:
While the Mini BBX and Terrier Booster have sold, I still have the timer available:

AccuFire Staging Timer (retail $84.95)

I'll sell the timer (in it's un-opened package) for $50 shipped (US addresses).

e-mail me at [email protected] or PM me here.