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FS: Partially constructed wildman Jr

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May 26, 2009
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Hey all, for sale I have a dual deploy wildman Jr. The rocket has been constructed to careful standards in order to maintain the warranty offered by Tim Lehr of Wildman Rocketry. So far the rocket has been completely built with exception of the AvBay. I accidentally messed up one of the bulkheads for the avBay but Tim said hed send a couple out free of charge. Otherwise the rocket is built and primed with a 38mm aeropack. It is ready to fill and paint for whoever would like to purchase this bad boy. Ill throw in a parachute and a swivel. This is a great rocket for getting into DD and although it mostly built, the fun parts are ready for your customization (painting and avBay construction). I am looking for $100 since the aeropack and parachute are going along with it. Retail without these parts is $100 so I feel this is fair. Buyer responsible for shipping costs. Cheers.