Fruity Chutes, could not fin what I was looking for in a search

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May 10, 2009
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Hi guys. I know that the great parachute debate has been going on for some time now. I have been looking at fruity chutes, they seem nice but of course that is looking at a website. While searching this forum (And Rocketry Planet) I only found a few postings from well over a year ago about people using them, how they liked them, and so on.

So, what I am asking is has anyone had more experiences with Fruity Chutes than a year ago. Who is using them, what do you think, what sizes, any problems?

I need to purchase a few parachutes for different sized projects I have going right now (2.1"-6") and I just dont know what to buy.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, even if the advice may steer me away from Fruity Chutes, like I said, have never actually seen one or flown one before.

Steve if you do not get any answers on the chutes you are asking about you could always take a look at we have to offer.
all my big project use Fruity chutes.
i'm very happy with them.
great service (personalized), great quality of chutes and once packet they are veeeeery small.
i can only say, go for them!!

in the picture my Hyperloc 1660 on 3 fruity chutes!
one special drogue
one TARC as puller for deployment bag and a big one as main


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I have three Fruity Chutes parachutes and they are still the nicest parachutes I have ever seen. The service is very personalized. Gene seems to be able to make pretty much whatever you want. One of my parachutes has a custom applique, another is a super low pack-volume with Kevlar shroud lines.
Used 16" for TARC last year. Very reliable and descent rate was exactly as advertised.

Flew one in my Hawk Mt Basilisk at last year's LDRS. Loki J-1000 to 10k. With dual deploy and redundant altimeters (practice for my L3) there was little room. The FC just barely squeezed into available space and deployed fine.

Have a 144" to go into my L3 project, but it has not yet flown.

BTW, look at his parachute packing instructions. With the TARC team, they had a couple of snagged chutes / late deployments when just stuffing the chute in. Following Gene's instructions, the chute popped right out and opened as soon as it had cleared the rocket giving very repeatable descent times.