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KLOUDBusters Chief Logistician
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Jan 22, 2009
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Wichita, KS
You've seen a scratch-build contest before. Now are you ready for a REAL CHALLENGE? KLOUDBusters and Giant Leap Rocketry are sponsoring a build-it/fly-it contest for true die-hard rocketeers: From the Ground Up "Survivor" Style. Assemble your team of skilled designers and builders and your tools and be ready to think "outside the box"! This contest will challenge you down to your rocketry soul. The winners of this event will be crowned "the best of the best."

Go to the following link and from there select the "Ground-Up" option from the Launch Pad options.

This event is being held in conjunction with AIRFest 10 at Argonia, KS, September 3-6, 2004.
We're assembling "parts" and materials for this competition right now. This is going to be great!

It would really be great to see a TRF group entry into this contest. Who from TRF is coming to AIRFest? Anyone want to get together to do this. We're putting together an article about the contest with lots of photos for submission to Extreme Rocketry. Not only will you win some serious bragging rights, you'll most likely, win or lose, get your photo in a national magazine.

C'mon TRF-ers, who wants to play?