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Discussion in 'Competition Rocketry' started by High Desert Rocketry, Nov 8, 2019.

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    Not really a 'competition' but a challenge.

    This is not a 'competition' like IREC or BASE 11; it is a team challenge for universities to design, build, and launch successful liquid rocket projects. When they have finished their project, they come to FAR and launch when ready. If they meet the challenge requirements and reach say 23,000' they get $23,000. If they only reach 4,000' they get $4,000. No trophy, no first place, nothing like that. So they are rewarded for what they design for and accomplish. If one team shows up say this month and another next month or next March that is fine. We do require a two week notice:
    The registration/launch fee is simply $10 a person per day on site. That includes use of the machine shop, restrooms, camping, etc. In most cases, we provide the launch pad (up to 60’ tall) unless a team desires to build and bring their own.
    FAR mission statement: "Our mission is to educate the general public in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) through the use of amateur rocketry; and to foster rocket technology by supporting individuals, hobbyists, student groups, businesses, and other like minded non-profit entities."
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