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Jul 23, 2002
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For 18 and 24mm motors, what is the best tape (Type and brand) to use to friction fit motors??

Thanks again!:D
I like to use a good masking tape such as 3-m.
You should be fine with that.
yeah I would just go with regular masking tape....the tan kind is best I think
I concur on the type. I also find that if I put it on in a spiral, I can "screw" the motor in and out. Otherwise, I seem to either have too little and pop the motor, or its too tight and I have to use pliers at home after the motor has cooled.
Any regular masking tape is what I use. Normally, the cheap stuff from Wal Mart.

And, ditto on what prowler said with the spiral. I've had much better results wrapping in a spiral.
try laying the tape onto the motor tube not on the motor, this way you should be able to pull out the motor without any trouble because the tape is sticking to the mount.
great idea! I never thought of doing that. Ill have to test that out soon..