Free shrimp if ocean on Mars

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Jan 30, 2009
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Long John Silver's just announced that if NASA finds conclusive evidence that there is an ocean on Mars by Jan, 29th, they will give away free Giant Shrimp on March 15th.

Check out the full story here.

This is the coolest thing I have ever heard!:D
LOL! That's great! I think to further their marketing or to simply hype the Mars exploration initiative further, they should consider making a little plastic toy in the shape of a lander or some other sort of space toy. It'll be neat to see if more kids take an interest to space again.
Nick, I wanna know what you were doing surfing the Long John Silver website!:p
LOL :p

I saw it on the news and they said there was more information on their website. :)
Dont matter to me... I dont like seafood. Still that offer is pretty good!
Originally posted by eugenefl
they should consider making a little plastic toy in the shape of a lander or some other sort of space toy. It'll be neat to see if more kids take an interest to space again.

Yea, I toy lander would be neat......... But I want to build a "real" robot just like the spirit!..........
Ya know...times like this makes me think of a certain guy who made a bet with someone for a 50 cent coke that Sandy Koufax's main pitch wasn't a fastball.

Fast forward a few days..and this same guy buys a 50 dollar baseball almanac to win that 50 cent coke.

My point:

I may have to create a false video report, interrupt Nasa's feeds for an entire day, block every web service outlet to every Long John Silvers in the US of A just so I can enjoy free shrimp on March 15.

By the way..that was me that bought the book...
Don't count your shrimp until they're deep fried. An ocean, for the purposes of this contest, is defined as a single body of water covering at least 5,000,000 km^2 (about 2,000,000 mi^2). That seems an awfully big pond to have remained hidden for this long.

And yes, I'm allowed to be pessimistic about this, because there are no Long John Silver's-es north of the 49th as far as I know. I get no shrimp either way... unless I drive down to Seattle for the purpose of ensuring I swipe a "Mars Ocean Shrimp Day" souvenir placemat. :)

But I'm hoping for water. Water means Mars colonies. Mars colonies mean a place in space for me, with vat-grown jumbo shrimp from the tanks in the waste reclamation dome on Fridays. Mmm!
How noble of them to make a bet they can't possibly loose :rolleyes:

There is certainly ice on Mars, and even the remote possibility of small pockets of liquid water under the surface. But there can be absolutely no liquid water on the surface!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Because the atmosphere on Mars is so thin, H20 on Mars goes straight from solid to gas, without passing through a liquid phase. In other words, its boiling point is the same tempurature as its melting point!

Only in some of the deepest pockets of Mars, such as the Hellas Basin, is the air pressure high enough for pure water to exist in a liquid form over even a few degrees of temperature.

However, there is some possibility of a 'briny solution'...a water thats been super-saturated with salts and minerals...existing as a liquid for short periods of time in the thin Martian air. This is what some of the more optimisted scientists are hoping to find in Gusev Crater.
Hmmm... new dish on the menu

Marshrimp. Caught and packaged by none other than MarGump.

Thanks Bubba...:D