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bob jablonski

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Jan 30, 2009
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In continuing on Starlights 9th Aniversary we are going to have atleast 3 contests. Here is the first one. What is the biggest selling non bulk pack kit Starlight kit this year WITH product number? PM me with you answer. Only ONE answer per person, and the winner recives $25.00 in Starlight merchandise and free shipping. All entrys must be recived by Oct 20th. If more than one person has the correct answer, we will draw the winning name at ihobby. Then post the winner on the three forums we frequent.
Mr. Bob
Starlight Dude
4 days left if you havent taken a shot. Only 2 correct so far.
Mr. Bob
Starlight Dude
Polls closed. We had 4 people pick the F-32 Avenger #8486. We will draw the winning name at ihobby tomorrow morning and post the winner Friday. watch for the next contest soon.
Mr. Bob
Starlight Dude
:bangbang:yeeeehah!!!! Thanks Bob,It's always nice to win some rocket goodies!! PM sent.John P.