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Feb 21, 2009
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Levy County Florida
I'm not sure where I'm supposed to post this.

Hi All Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Ms. Val, (my other prettier half), and I both designed a special flying paper model rocket just for the Holidays!
Like the Holidays, it's only around for a limited time. On January 2nd 2010, just like 2009, it'll be taken offline and gone forever! (at least from my site)

It's Free, so if you'd like, or think you'd like one, Browse on by and get yours!

I consider the build level 'moderate'.
I did write up an instructional, well, it's more of a guide really. I wrote it up quickly, as we have tickets to the ballet later, and a manic schedule all the way through Christmas, so if I didn't get this model posted now, I probably will not get the chance.
If you have any questions, or difficulties, please feel free to PM, or email me.

Happy Holidays and modeling!

I get an error saying that the site has gone over its daily download limit.

But I like what I see.
FWIW I'm getting the following message:

Download Error!
This site has gone over its daily download limit
Please try again later
Well, this is a first! Up until...well I guess it's morning now, I didn't know I had a download limit!

btw- The ballet- "the Nutcracker" as presented by Dance Alive, here in Gainesville, was/is fantastic!

Anyone who has trouble downloading any model from my site, just send me a PM, or email with an email I can send a file too, and I'll send you a copy.


Thanks, Eric for sending the plans. This was a fun build. I can't wait until I get a chance to fly it. :santa-smile:
Very cool! Managed to download it too! :) Will have to give it a go over my Christmas 'break' this weekend! Thanks Eric!
Thank you all for the compliments; very much!
I apologize for the site troubles. Not just my site, but both Val and I overwhelmed at the attention!
There's been more visitors since Thursday afternoon, than I had in almost 6 months. I'm looking into ways to alleviate the traffic problem.

Wayne Hill, at Rocketry Blog:

also has some of my toys in his paper rockets section, and should be available there, along with several other talented rocketeers, and paper artists!
As per above posting, I'll still send one of whatever out to whoever sends a pm/email asking, and help with printing/assembly if anyone gets stuck. I also promise never to tell anyone if you write saying you're stuck! :D

Thank you all again for the compliments!:hohoho:

Eric- and Val too! :)
Thanks for sending it to me as well. I am still in the cut it out process, but working through that as jobs run slowly today.

Man it's a lot of sharks teeth to cut...
Man it's a lot of sharks teeth to cut...

I know:(

When we tried making larger glue flaps, the assembled parts had a chunky out of round appearance.
Maybe you can use the cut-outs for Christmas confetti?:snowflake:

PS- If the cutouts look as though they'll really be too tedious, cut across all the tips of the teeth, and then just cut a notch every 4-6 teeth.

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What I decided to do on the larger pieces was to cut just one direction of the tooth. That way I have as smoot of a curve, more glueing surface and half as many cuts. Will let you know how it turns out.
Cool! I/we'd like to see yours, and everyone's work ourselves.

Another shortcut trick some, and(me), carders use, is to just skip cutting the teeth, cut across the top of all the teeth, and just cut lots of slits to the actual part edge. Depending on the curvature of the section, there is different amounts of overlap of the little 'tabs' created, but it tends to push out nicely on the joint for a full look, especially if you cut 'LOTS" of them. ;)
It's been a few years, but that's how "I" built, and designed the SNARK. I don't think it would add too much weight to the rear. we flew the first beta with a glued nose, and no recovery gear, and it worked.
A swing test would confirm it quickly enough.
Well, not quite as nice on the gluing as your is, but I had a lot of fun putting it together. Will have to launch it Christmas day for my F-I-L.


What format is the file in? I can't find anything that will open "2009 Holiday Bell Rocket.1.321C02.efw"

EDIT: Never mind - got it. The problem was due to my overzealous AV program.

Looks good. Thank you very much, Eric!

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What format is the file in? I can't find anything that will open "2009 Holiday Bell Rocket.1.321C02.efw"

EDIT: Never mind - got it. The problem was due to my overzealous AV program.

Looks good. Thank you very much, Eric!


Mine is a PDF file.
Mine is a PDF file.
My anti-virus program changed the extension to .efw as a protective measure. I have downloaded zipped files before, but this was the first time that it ever did that. All I did was change the extension to .zip, and everything was fine.

I finally got the download and I'm working on mine.

My wife collects bells, so maybe she'll finally accept a rocket? She is always on my case for having too many.

This is only my second paper rocket (the first was a Model Minutes Space Racer). I'm trying to cut all the teeth, but I'm having some nasty flashbacks to 2000 and hanging chads! :santa-smile:
I'm having some nasty flashbacks to 2000 and hanging chads! :santa-smile:

OH DEAR!!! (Or is that D-E-E-R!) :happydeer:
OI! The last thing I intended was for anyone to get political PTSD! :y::D

Thank you for all the compliments!

Both rockets in the photos look SUPERB!
I have lots of practice building paper models, especially my own; but there's lots of people out there who build my stuff better than me. There's also lots rockets and other fine free paper models out there to get lots of practice on. GO FOR IT!

Remember the old Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer, & the island Of Misfit Toys Special? To sort of paraphrase the Griffin King of the island:
A toy is never truly happy until played with! (or is that 'loved by a child?') Eh- I forget. This time of year, whats the difference? :santa-smile:
I'm hoping Val and I get a chance to play with ours tomorrow, maybe I can get a small digi-vid.

Merry Christmas Everyone! ( I have to go bake a cheesecake for Val now) ;)

Get out there and Fling Your Bells! Ring in the New Year , Rocketry style!

Val and I went out to play with our display Holiday Bell! IT's the same one used in the instructions I wrote, and it was made form the same PDF posted.
Here it is, launched with an Estes B6-4, and a C6-3. Val gets so excited! :)
Today is the only day she and I have together until Tuesday, and she always INSISTS on launching all of our 'new' toys!

We uploaded the vids to You-Tube, so- here they are! :candy: :happydeer:
Again...Merry Christmas everyone! (Can't say that enough) :D:tree::santa-smile::hohoho:
nice videos, i've got to get mine build yet, it is printed out, so hopefuly over the next few days.