Four-inch High-Power Two-stage Fiberglass Nike-Apache for Sale

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Jun 8, 2018
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Placerville, CA


This is an all composite, very high-performance kit. This is a sport scale model of the Thiokol Nike Apache. This is not an all-inclusive kit as it does not contain any recovery hardware. While the low part count and fin construction can almost place this rocket in the E2X class, don't be fooled. Flying this kit deserves a big motor and as such, requires you to figure out how to handle deployment so you can get it back. (

In 2019, this kit retailed for $159.95 - an outstanding value. I am now selling it for $99.95, a $60 savings! $20 flat rate shipping or free pickup. PayPal accepted.

Diameter: 4” / 38mm
Length: 82”
Weight: 7 lbs.
Motor Mount: 54mm / 29mm
Fins: 4 each 1/8” G10 4 each 3/32” G10
Dual Deploy Capable
Multistage Capable

The parts list:
A) 38mm Filament Wound Conical Nose Cone
B) Nose Cone Coupler
C) Nose Cone Bulk Plate
D) 38mm x 12” FG Payload Tube
E) 38mm x 5” FG Coupler
F) 38mm AF Bulk Plates (2) & CP Bulk Plates (2)
G) 38mm x 24” FG Slotted Fin Can
H) 3/32” Sustainer Fins (4)
I) 29mm x 8” MMT
J) 38mm x 29mm Centering Rings (2)
K) 38mm x 6” FG Coupler
L) 4” x 38mm Transition
M) 4” x 38mm Coupler Centering Ring
N) 4” x 5” FG Coupler
O) 4” x 31” FG Slotted Fin Can
P) 1/8” Booster Fins (4)
Q) 54mm x 12” MMT
R) 4” x 54mm Centering Rings
S) 38mm x 1” Switch Band

No instructions are included, however, if you are building a 54mm kit and need directions, this is the wrong kit for you. This kit goes together so easily you could practically build it on the field if you brought some milled fiberglass and 30 min epoxy. Some would be put off by this, but I do not think this is an issue. Anyone flying a rocket of this size should be able to intuitively assemble it. About the only thing that was touchy is the upper transition joint required some serious sanding. (


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