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Jul 6, 2003
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I wiped my hard drive clean a couple of months ago, and I found some photos in my backups that I never posted from my "Bee" launch I had back in April. Here's an Estes Airwalker lighting it up with a C6-5.
I had NC seperation, but I sucessfully tracked both portions. Here's the NC in all its recovered glory.
Here's a happy consumer who enjoyed his 900+ foot flight, and can't wait to plop down 200 large for his shot in SpaceShipOne.
This recovery kinda hurt. No biggie, just a pain to deal with that fiberglass gauze. Oh well, it looks ooglie anyways! :p
The styro Wicked Winnie lighting it up with one passenger aboard. Unfortunately, there are no window seats on this flight.
Winnie didn't fly real high, so I have a fairly nice "under-chute" photo IMO.
Unfortunately, Winnie popped her nose off upon landing and kicked her passenger out. For all those concerned, he got up and happily flew away wanting his next ride on the Airwalker.