Found Myself In A Dream Scenario... Suggestions?

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Oct 2, 2017
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I am a newbie to both the Rocketry Hobby and this forum so forgive me if this is the wrong section.

Although I am very new to the hobby (haven't even had my first flight, but the kit is on the way) I have decent building and modelling skills. I am an Industrial Design Student and I am constantly making high quality models for class projects. Due to this, I have free, virtually unlimited access to 3D Printers, Vacuum Forming, Laser Cutters and an array of other basic shop equipment. So it would seem I am in a place where I can make essentially anything that comes to mind, not to mention I have an unlimited supply of various sized cardboard tubes from the mail and printing rooms.

I want my 2nd or 3rd flight to be a scratch built scale model of a real rocket. Do any of you seasoned hobbyist have suggestions for a scale rocket that hasn't been done before? Currently, I am considering doing a Falcon 9 because it is my favorite rocket and there don't seem to be many big scale model Falcon 9's out there. Another option I'm considering is the updated SpaceX BFR that Elon just announced. But I am afraid either of these rockets might be a little too cliche. What do you think?
Soviet N-1? I think I've only seen pictures of one large scale model of it.