Forward seal ring !!!!!!!!

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Jan 22, 2009
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This weekend I flew my SS-Arrow on a I366 using Dr Rocket I think 600 casing. After the flight which was most excellant I found thew Forward metal Oring to be melted and deformed beyond reconigtion .
Has anyone experience this ?


I need to get a picture of this tho post
Wow. I've never heard of this happening. All I can think of is did you put the o-ring on it that was included with the reload? All reloads for the 38/480 casing and up include this. Did your casing have any bulges on it?

You might want to contact Aerotech and ask them.
Yup ,
ORing was on and greasesd with white lithum. Maybe that could have cause this ?
I sent an email to Dr Rocket since I used there casing, good Idea I should also include AeroTech

Wow. That motor must have burned extra hot then. The Redline propellant does have a tendency to burn really hot.

I used an H210R in a 29/240 case with a seal ring. It was discolored but not melted.

Hopefully AT will send you a new one.:)