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Mar 11, 2009
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Hello all! I'm a 55 year old BAR living in Vermont. I used to be certified back in the 1990s or thereabouts but haven't really flown anything much since then. Still have all my rockets and ground support though, and circumstances are allowing me to rejoin the hobby. Already joined Tripoli and will be joining the NAR shortly, with an eye to getting the certification process started. Lots of cool new things in the hobby; can't wait to try some!

welcome to TRF.
and welcome back to the hobby, things are always beter the second time around;)

Welcome back to rocketry and welcome to TRF :)

Not sure what your near term schedule is like, but if this weekend is available you should consider scooting down to Connecticut to attend NARCON (see )

It's a great way to meet folks, find out more about rocketry, meet many great vendors and just have a heck of a time talking rocketry nearly 24/7 :D

Also, you can get 50% off our newest kit, the Nantucket Sound (light house rocket :) ) just for attending!

Give it some thought. Friday night is a meet and greet, convention all day Sat and the first part of sunday.

Hi Dave, it sounds like you're ready to hit the running this time around. ;) There's a lot of great people here at TRF--I think you'll like it here.

Welcome back and think low power scale as all the rest is just nonsence :p:p Have fun with whatever you do and welcome to TRF :)
Don't listen to Fred, its:
bigger - faster........ bigger - faster........bigger - faster....


Level 1...............Level 2.................Level 3

Savings Account..........Savings Account...........Savings Account

Welcome back and welcome aboard!
Thanks all. Got out to my first launch with the local NAR chapter this past weekend and had a great time. Flew my trusty old Initiator which ended up where it did the last time I flew it - in a tree :)

Fortunately it blew down overnight and I got it back with a broken fin. It's old enough I got my money's worth out of it if it turns out to be unfixable. I was happy to get the reload casing back though!