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Jan 21, 2009
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When there's no TRF for a couple of days, the mind begins to occupy itself with odd thoughts... I wrote a couple of haikus that captured my feelings at the time.

Rocketry Forum
Is where we talk, learn, and share
Our experiences.

Misses you when you are down.
Full of emptiness.
lalligood: resident poet rocketeer (what a combination)

anybody got a 12 string?
Lalli's first haiku
Has too many syllables
In the final line.

Lalli's next haiku
Has one too few syllables
In its starting line.

Five syllables first,
Seven syllables follow,
Five syllables last.

I just studied haiku in eng a while ago... and yes your lines are a little off but still funny. the other day when student central (like a forum board for the students in my cyber school) was down this one kid wrote a poem that was really funy, and so now when trf was down i actually (and i hate poetry!) thought up a poem about missing trf! i just did it mentaly tho, didn't write it down..... the things we addicts do:)
This reminds me of a homework assignment I had a while back! I even posted about it here

Hours spent with RockSim
Sweat and graft in the workshop
Beatiful rocket
There once was a man from Nantucket...oops...wrong poem!

My Bad!

Try that again...

There once was a kid from Nantucket
With rocsim he build him a rocket
An E engine he tried
But stability denied
A cluster he said...ah "the heck with it!

I had to clean that up! No haiku but lyrics are easier.

Originally posted by Fore Check
Lalli's first haiku
Has too many syllables
In the final line.

Lalli's next haiku
Has one too few syllables
In its starting line.

Ev-er-y-bod-y (guess it depends on what part of the world you're in...)
Miss-es you when you are down.
Full of emp-ti-ness

Rock-e-try Fo-rum
Is where we talk, learn, and share
Our ex-per-i-en-ces.
(6...yup, BUSTED :eek: )

Big props to Fore Check
'Cause he pointed out my fault
And stuck to format :)
Oh my gosh, oh my
These kind of threads annoy
Annoy, they do, yes

I think I did that right...

Here's a truth for you
Rockets make for bad Haiku
Please make it stop now
Originally posted by hokkyokusei
To express one's mood
In seventeen sylables
Is very diffic...

Oh dear; just begun
and already used up all
seventeen syllab-

The Blue Screen of Death
claimed another death Tuesday:
Rocketry Forum

The sugar maple
releases red leaves in Fall,
still has my rocket
Saw this one somewhere:

Push the button and KA-BOOM.
Another cato.
The rocket lifts off
Then heads back for Mother Earth
A homesick gopher

The rocket lifts off
A parachute forgotten
Back in the range box

The rocket lifts off
Like the soul of the flier
It rests in the trees

The rocke..ah, that's enough for right now...
smoke a big fatty
watch the rocket fly so high
join it in your mind

fade to black blew up
the engine failed on the pad
fixed with epoxy

it's been awhile since
i have written a haiku
i guess i'm done now