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Forum Auction for Lot of Payloaders/Multistagers


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Feb 28, 2009
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Okay, well since the YORF auction site is going up and down and I still need to keep moving rocket lots for the lady's deceased husband, I thought a bi-forum wide forum-based auction would be interesting to try.

This will be for YORF and TRF and will go until next Sunday night.

After I post the items for sale, reply with your bid offer at the YORF thread here:

However posts the highest bid (and is timestamped at or before 12:00 midnight next Sunday will be the winner!


Up for sale first first is a lot of payloaders and multi-stage payloaders

Special Notes:

The Loadstar, though never flown, has one fin that has been broken and re-attached out of line (on the booster) and one on the sustainer that seems to have been tweaked (cracked the paint) but other than that seems fine). It is soiled from storage, but all can be seen on the pictures. NEVER FLOWN. And comes with an orange 18" Estes Parachute

The two-staged black and white payloader with red nose cone is in Very good shape except for one spiral that has been slightly smooshed (paint damage only it seems) Again, see pics. The paper transitions (nozzles) are done very well. The black bled through the masking slightly, but this would be a very easy model to repaint.

The rest of the models have NO damage, have NEVER been flown, and comes with exactly what you see. The Super Nova Payloader's parachute is 24" and in perfect shape.

Shipping will be 10.70 to the lower 48. Although I will do my utmost to ensure no damage to the package or contents, I cannot be responsible payment by cash, check, money order only Thanks! This shipping price includes delivery confirmation.


payloader (2).JPG

payloader (3).JPG

payloader (4).JPG