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Sold Formula 75 Kit - Red

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May 2, 2009
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I have a Rocketry Warehouse Formula 75 kit in Red for sale. This is the earlier version which is designed for motor deploy, but can be modified with a switchband and avbay lids on the nose cone coupler for head end deployment. Of course you can also use a chute release if you want dual deploy that way. Here is a review from Rocketry Reviews:

Specs are:
  • Overall Length 47.25"
  • Total Weight of 3lb 1.25oz
  • 30" 75mm Airframe pre-colored Red
  • Black filament wound nose cone
  • Black nose cone coupler and bulk plate
  • Black G10 centering rings
  • Red 38mm motor mount
  • Black G10 fins
Prices $140.00. Shipping to lower 48 is $15 and if shipping is less to your location I will refund the difference. If it's greater I'll eat it. Thanks for looking.


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