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Originally posted by Seedillume
....Launch rockets instead. I hope everyone has a joyful Easter.

Why not do both.......... (not at the same time).........
Originally posted by Seedillume
....Launch rockets instead. I hope everyone has a joyful Easter.

Easter Egg-Lofters
Happy Easter all:)
Attach an egg to each rocket, use largest motor, launch at 60 degree angle WITH the wind. Whole new kind of Easter egg hunt.:D
Why shockie? do you know how hard it is to get those dran Peep's to dry? bout 20 coats of clear and a year later they are still tacky;) but the chocolate bunny nose cone is done:D
Ah OH! Their coming to take me away HOHO, their coming to take me away...
Micro - Don't waste the peeps on the rocket, put them in your microwave! Peeps are some of the coolest things you can safetly put in a microwave (ruling out eggs and tin foil)...they grow about 3x their size. Try putting 3 or 4 on a paper plate and microwaving them together.

Wives beware that this may cause a fire, watch your husbands and children carefully.
I have a whole box of peeps right here....very tasty, thought I kinda want to stick one under a nozzle and torch it :p
Last year, at one our club launches, Brian Moulton (the same guy who flew a birdhouse last weekend) flew the "Easter Phoenix." It was a Phoenix with a large plastic Easter Egg for the nose cone. Flew pretty well, too!

lmao! That Egg Lander is cool ! Good idea!!!!
I just had a easter launching day as usual , sit in the park and fly a few rockets , eat eggs and have a picnic :p
This is off topic but are Estes E9's legal in the USA?
lol!! Is that a FatBoy , with the easter bunny painted on ? Nice rocket anyways !! :D
Yup, that's a Fat Boy done up with a Sharpie marker and pink paint for the ears. I should have made the eyes pink, then it would look just like my daughter's bunny, Snowball.

I should have brought her out to the Opossum-8 launch this past weekend - major slap on forehead after I realized I had forgotten...
while everyone was just talking i got bored outta my mind and went upstairs... 10 minutes later i came down with this...