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Jan 20, 2009
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Okay folks,

I'm going nuts here. Well, more nuts than I already was.

After I strip the tips of my igniters, I end up with slightly bent bare wires. To get the two wires parallel, I need those tips to be perfectly straight. How do you guys go about getting them straightened out?

I've been using a pair of needle nose pliers, applied along the length of the wire, and rotating it slowly, crimping/flattening as I go. It does the job, but it's very slow. Is there a better way that doesn't involve buying a special tool?

For you Strip-N-Dippers

I was worried for a second!:D LOL
Not sure I understand the question.
I just straighten them out with my fingers.
I can use my fingers, but after about 25 igniters, my finger tips start getting worn out from the wire tips against them, and they still aren't perfectly straight. I'm using Cat 5 wire, so it's not like it's piano wire, but over time, the metal does take its toll, and they aren't as straight as I've been led to believe they need to be.

I see. Maybe my igniter wires aren't as straight as you've been led to believe they need to be either! I do recall the igniterman instructions making a big deal about the tolerance in getting them stright, but I've never been that careful about it. I'm also using thinner wire (which I would guess is easier on the fingers), because I only tend to use the igniterman stuff for small motors (big motors tend to have reasonable igniters). I also don't use the igniters for clustering, staging or deploymentm, so maybe I'm getting away with less than perfect igniters.
I recycle e-matches/ igniters by cutting the burnt end off and dipping. The act of wire stripping usualy leaves them acceptably staright and level. I have had the odd 'failure' but it's always been when trying to start old blackjack reloads and the igniter has always ignited.

Hokky the tubemeister gave me a bunch of his small iggys ages ago and I haven't had one fail.
I use the wire wrap method so having the wires parallel to each other is important. Give it at try.