For those who also follow aircraft, the British '787' of yester-year

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That project was a true
comedy of errors:

First the factory was too small to build
something this huge at the time, so a new
assembly building was built...

Then they realized that the factory runway was
way too short for something that heavy...

Unfortunately one end of the existing runway
literally ran off the cliff into ocean and the other
butted into a small town...

So they had to buy out the whole town,
relocate all its inhabitants to a new town
specifically built for them before they could
raze the buildings and lay down another 4000
feet of runway...

At that point the project was 'slightly' behind
and 'just a wee bit' over the budget...

When it finally flew it was the dawn of the jet age
and large prop planes had become rather obsolete....

A cruise ship of the skies, but getting there quicker was deemed preferable.

Kinda looks like the long-range combat plane in Disney's Victory Through Air Power movie.

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