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Feb 2, 2009
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...current and former.


On this 229th anniversary, let us think of and pray for the Devil-Dogs currently taking care of business in Fallujah. God bless them all (and the @%*& Army, too!).
I'm Canadian but I support anyone in Iraq.

Pray no one is killed in Fallujah.
Veteran's Day is tomorrow. I'm not sure if it relates to the Marines though.
Originally posted by AlexM
I found this kind of interesting. It is the web site for our school district.

Edit: That will teach me to read all the way through

UUUUUMMMMMMM did I miss something or is it supposed to be blank?


simpre fi

Short for Semper Fidelis - Always Faithful.

Semper Fi!
Originally posted by arthur dent
Ok OK i have got to know ...?
what doea semper Fi mean?:)

It's part of the emblem of the USMC. (which, you should be proud to know; is derived from the 'Globe and Laurel' of the Royal Marines
it is Latin for always faithful. the Marine Corps moto. when said it tells a Marine that the other is also a Marine. once a Marine always a Marine. so to all Marines everywhere Sempre Fi, and may god be with thee, Happy birthday :)
The corollary to Semper Fidelis is "Semper Gumby": Always Flexible!

That's something you learn pretty quickly!
(as background for the following joke, the US Marine Corps is technically a subset of the US Navy, and the two have a long-standing history of poking fun at each other that goes along with the camaraderie)

Q: Why do they say, "Once a Marine, always a Marine"?

A: Because you can't reverse a lobotomy!

That being said, Semper Fi, Sail On, and KICK SOME TERRORIST HINEY!

Hey, has anyone seen my brain I think I left it in San Diego some time ago.
I always thought that the Navy was for girls, after all thats where my sister served for twelve years and is now disabled. :D
I'm USN(Ret) and some of my best freinds are in the Corp, and some of them are currently fighting terrorism abroad. I served side by side with the Marines on several carriers and on the same jets when they needed help and vice versus. Marines Fighter Attack (F4's) and All Weather Attack (A6's) have been the fighting air power and will fight till the end. Happy Birthday.:) :)