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Oct 27, 2014
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Hi all

after the discussion in the other thread on a seti at home group for the rocketry forum, there were several mentions of folding@home so I thought I'd sign up and create a group for us

If you run ( or are considering running) folding@home and would like to join and contribute your unused CPU time please add the number below to the team field in the configuration.

Any client program can contribute to the statistics for this team by putting the number 38536 in the team field
(right-click to configure a client program)
I already do folding@home for another team, else I would contribute to the TRF team.
The WUs are not exactly flowing out of the SETI@Home servers at the mo, so I've d'loaded FAH, and signed up for the team. I may as well make use of my spare CPU cycles while I can't get any WUs from SETI!
Typically, I managed to get ONE wu, about 1/2hr after posting the above. :rolleyes: So I'm SETI-ing it at mo.

One WU isn't gonna last me long - I'll be back on folding by the time I crash out tonight.