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James Duffy

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Jan 19, 2009
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Another occasional hobby of mine is ukulele building, and the Apogee Components of the lutherie world is a place called Stewart-MacDonald, who offer a pretty wide range of tools for building and repairing stringed wangulators. Much like Apogee, they offer a weekly tips 'n tricks email newsletter, and this week's version features a fold-away spray booth that is pretty groovy.


One of their offerings that may be a particular interest to rocket people is their sandpaper sampler, which has everything from 150 grit to 2000 grit in a single package. I pick up one of these packages every few years or so:

I've bought various tools from them over the years. They have an interesting selection of precise tools that are useful for rocketry. I've bought a few of their guitar making tools such as their various hole cutting jigs that can be used with small routers and used them for making centering rings. Expensive products, but worth it.
Nice post.

FWIW - I made up a spray booth in 2015, with folding panels when not used, mounted inside of a shelving storage unit.

Thread here:


I used to build guitars for a living.....know Stew-Mac and Dan E. very well.

Dan Erlewine is a force of nature. Anyone who make things with their hands, who has a thing for tools/jigs/etc., and who is especially interested in repairs could learn a ton from him.

I've met him a number of times and he also happens to be a great guy....very easy to talk to, genuinely interested in helping others do what they do better, completely open to sharing all his "secrets", and not at all overly impressed with himself. And his work quality is outstanding. The world of lutherie owes him a huge debt. But he just sees himself as a regular guy who has some ideas and tricks that he wants to share.