FOG Launch - 3/1/10

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Sep 20, 2009
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Full report coming soon, but for now lets make-do with a video!
[I've been getting errors recently with this video, so please tell me how it plays for you]
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EDIT: If the embed doesn't work, try this link:
Happy new year!,
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GREAT vids!!! Thanks for sharing. My only question is - where is that white stuff??? You know, the frozen white stuff on the ground. WHAT?? You don't have that in the UK??? We can see that you get some! :santa-smile:
The Report

The first rocket in the video is my comanche 3, I got everything back except the nosecone and second stage, even though it lawn darted! It was on a D12 to C6 to C6.
I also launched two other rockets, my Blackbird and an as yet unidentified smaller rocket, both of which are over 20 years old!

Also in the video are:

Two unsuccessful level one attempts (from the same person!)
A, erm, very long burning estes "D"
An unsuccessful attempt at chad staging (last rocket in the video).
If any FOG people are members here, then please tell me more about your rockets!
EDIT: The lettuce wadding, suggested here worked!