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Jan 4, 2009
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So I'm sitting here in my man-cave and have come to realize that, by straight numbers, how many years it'll take me to build the kits I've acquired. Looks like my retirement years are going to be well occupied.

So I've made a decision, and even realize this is a bit on the anal side of things . . . I'm going to start focusing on a rocketry path. No more, exclusively, building on what looks fun at the moment. Am going to start renewing my efforts towards NARTREK, BG's, L2 (LOC Expediter), and L3 (Polecat Thumper).

As for the rest, well I guess it's time to start cataloging and putting things in the rubbermaids for a while.

Besides, this'll make some more room for my r/c planes and helis.