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May 10, 2011
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I was just thinking about saucers... I have easy methods to make crude (but effective) flying saucers out of thick paper and a bit of duct tape, but I was wondering what would happen if I turned some builders foam on a lathe to the flying saucer shape, then drilled out the center, and glassed the 29MM+ ones. I could turn maybe a 12" saucer on my lathe, out of builders foam, then glass it, and put a 38MM motor mount (or any number of smaller clustered motors)... Stronger and easier than cardboard (it sure is a pain finding 15" wide poster-board... :kill:

So... Has it been done? If it has, did it work? Was it easier?
I used a chunk of 2" pink foam for the guts of my Sweat-Stained Clifton Tracking Station Hat of Death. I just roughed it out with a fishing knife, bored a hole, installed a tube and a lug and was set. The hat slips over the core and can be worn to the pads and back after recovery. Flies on Gs.

I suspect the foam could fly on its own if it was more uniform and flared more. If it got too thin some glass misght be in order.
Was that yours at LDRS!??!?!? That was so cool!! I loved that thing. You WILL to post plans now. :D

If it wasnt, well, post plans anyways, it sounds kewl ;)